KLEENFITT is always one step ahead in this competitive industry; it has successfully developed a fully automated manufacturing process which gives complete surety of efficiency and accuracy. All process starting from raw material inward to dispatch goes with Barcode Scanning System, All fittings are laser marked as per recommendations of DT table of ASME-BPE standards.

Hydro Bending

To provide finest bending quality and optimum product we are using latest bending process, with our most modern state of the art machinery we ensure best quality products every time.

Bright Annealing

All fitting are Bright Annealled for stress relieving to ensure best corrosion resistance. It gives bright surface which in result provides best quality of mechanical polishing and electro polishing.

Automatic Cutting machine

To provide highest quality and fast operations we are using fully automatic latest technology machines. Use of CNC cutting help to get perfect 90 Deg weld ends for the fittings. It avoids the human error and increase the product quality.

Welding Technology

All Welding machines used are automatic TIG welding machines. TIG welding produces perfect, precise welds and with suitable selection of proper welding rods or wires, it can be easily applied for exotic metals. Infact, whenever high quality and precise welding joints are demanded in the shop floor, welders usually go for TIG welding.

Surface treatment

We offer specific inner surfaces from bright finished to electropolished for reliable manufacturing processes. In electropolishing processes, material is specifically removed. In the anodic process, material is cleaned by removing crevices. In this process material removal is significantly higher which results in an extremely smooth and glossy surface.


Application-specific treatment of the inner surfaces result in bright appearance.
Optimal inner surfaces for high purity processes.
Better corrosion resistance.
Improved cleanability in the plant.
Lower coefficient of friction due to smoother surface.
Reduced particle retention due to extremely smooth surfaces.
Improved fatigue strength due to stress relieving and defects free surface.

Manufacturing Capacity

KLEENFITT having breakthrough technologies, including bending, welding, CNC machining, mechanical polishing, electro polishing and passivation. Employing a team of dedicated professionals, the company uses its vast experience and know-how for the planning and outcome of quality product with high quantum. With its fully automated manufacturing production line Kleenfitt has the production capacity as given below.

Product Category Product Sub Category Sizes Material Quantity
Bend 90 Long Bend 1/2"- 3" 304L- 316L 144000
90 Short Bend 1/2"- 3" 304L- 316L 216000
90 TC End Bend 1/2"- 3" 304L- 316L 40000
45 Long Bend 1/2"- 3" 304L- 316L 72000
45 Short Bend 1/2"- 3" 304L- 316L 108000
45 TC End Bend 1/2"- 3" 304L- 316L 20000
Tee Long Tee 1/2"- 3" 304L- 316L 40000
Reducing Tee 1/2"- 3"* 304L- 316L 40000
TC End Tee 1/2"- 3"* 304L- 316L 15000
Instrument Tee 1/2"- 3" 304L- 316L 5000
Reducer Eccentric Reducer 1/2"- 3"* 304L- 316L 25000
Concentric Reducer 1/2"- 3"* 304L- 316L 25000
Eccentric TC End Reducer 1/2"- 3"* 304L- 316L 10000
Concentric TC End Reducer 1/2"- 3"* 304L- 316L 10000
Unions Ferrules 200000
Nut 40000
Male 40000
* Reducing sizes are reduced up to next 2 Sizes.